Dubois: Catholics have important role in setting nation’s social agenda

Joshua Dubois, the former associate pastor of a Pentecostal church in Cambridge, Mass., who was recently named to lead the White House Office on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, has invited Catholics involved in social ministry to tell his office what it is doing right and what it is doing wrong.

A late addition to the schedule of the annual Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, Dubois, 26, took the opportunity Feb. 25 to explain the work of the office and welcomed advice from the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships on how White House policy can be shaped to help people in need.

The 25-member council includes leaders of religious and community organizations. Among them is Father Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA, who introduced Dubois.

“I think we can be partners even on the toughest issues,” Dubois said, without mentioning what those issues might be. “I want you to know our doors are open to you for the next four years and even beyond.

“The president believes no one should check their values at the door in order to work together,” he told the gathering.

Dubois also outlined his office’s goals: ensuring that community groups have a say in how economic recovery policies  are shaped and economic stimulus money is spent; being a unifying voice to meet the needs of women and children and to reduce abortion; supporting fathers who stand by their families and helping young men reunite with their children by getting them off the streets and into jobs; and working with other federal agencies and offices to promote interfaith dialogue around the world as one way to protect national security.

As Dubois concluded his remarks, Msgr. Raymond East, pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Washington, invited the social ministers to extend their arms in blessing the White House staffer. “May the blessing of the Lord be upon you. We bless you in the name of the Lord,” they sang.

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4 Responses to Dubois: Catholics have important role in setting nation’s social agenda

  1. Robert M Kraus says:

    “toughest issues” we all know what the toughest one is . . . . the morality of abortion. One of the goals of the new White House Office is to ‘reduce the need for abortion”. That adds up to . . . . sometimes there is a need for abortion. And that is a premise which Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Sebelius, both pseudo Catholics, promote. I wonder how many of those twenty-five members of the council believe that there is a need for abortion. The number of pro-choice persons in our government, including Biden, is proliferating. That’s not a good sign.

    R M Kraus
    Akron Ohio

  2. Holly says:

    I dont support the life issues this Administration if supporting but and I will continue to peacefully protest them in the best way I can along with our other Pro-LIfe brothers and sisters everywhere. From all denominations.
    These dissident Catholics should take a look at their Catechisms.
    They uphold the practice because they feel they have to because others dont believe as we Christians do.
    Ive been told by Father Frank as many have that killing a child isnt necessarily a faith issue.
    Killing is a wrong in any fundamental society and killing the unborn shouldnt be any different.
    We need change of minds and hearts in this country on the life issues.
    I support our Doctors etc who practice Natural Family Planning in step with their faith.
    So how come politicians cant do the same thing?
    Do they thing they are above everything.
    No one is expecting them to disrespect Atheist and Agnostics.
    As Father Groeschel says even a true Atheist can be respected not the one’s that give them a bad name.
    Even some Atheists dont believe in death for the pre-born.
    So again I say whats the difference here?
    God Bless and keep up the good work brothers and sisters of faith and otherwise who support life issues.

  3. Gary Knoll says:

    This article does not tell us how to contact this White House office. Apparantly they are not that anxious to hear our input on our government’s promotion of baby killing.

  4. Sam says:

    It is frightening that Obama has chosen such radical proabortionists into his administration, but it is not surprising. He voted against the born alive infant law because he felt that if he admitted the live baby who survived abortion was human, then he would have to admit that the baby in the womb seconds before birth is also human…if what is in the womb is not human, what is it??? If our Bishops continue to allow such radically pro abortion politicians such as Nancy Pelosi to receive the Eucharist, then these same politicians will continue to forge ahead with their pro abortion agenda, and they are being refused the challenge that could lead to radical conversion. Pro animal rights activists would be up in arms if animals were being exterminated in the bellies of their animal mothers, but human babies are exterminated in the millions…and there is no ground swell or horror and outrage and condemnation. Now we have Kathleen Sebelius…what will the Bishops do? Would they have given the Eucharist to those who collaborated in the holocaust? It just doesn’t make sense and so many Catholics are saddened and confused by this…we need to pray for the grace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to enlighten minds and hearts … including our Bishops. Sam

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