Who gets the tips …

During her Feb. 21 presentation at the Catholic Labor Network’s Washington luncheon on wage theft, Kim Bobo, head of the Chicag-based group Interfaith Worker Justice, told of her surprise at learning that at her favorite restaurant if she left a tip for the server on her credit card, the server would not get that money.

After the presentation, it was announced that Bobo would be selling copies of her book, also called “Wage Theft.” The cover price was $18, but luncheon guests were told that Bobo would not make change, so … in good humor Bobo was asked if she got to keep those tips . “No!” she replied. “It all goes to Interfaith Worker Justice!”

Bobo’s talk, about how so many U.S. workers are underpaid for an honest day’s work, was part of a weekend “wraparound session” preceding the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering.

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