Confirmed: Meeting took place between Pelosi, S.F. archbishop

Our Sunday Visitor confirmed today that a meeting did take place Feb. 8 between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Archbishop George H. Niederauer of San Francisco.

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  1. As a Catholic and a Democrat, I’d like to see some attention be given to Catholic Republicans as well. For instance, what is our current position on war and torture? I presume that we still view mass killing as an abomination. Are the children who die from tank shells somehow less relevant than those who die from abortion?

  2. Perhaps at least as many elected Democrats in D.C. support war and torture as Republicans, neither of which party I have much use or patience for.

    It is noted, however, that Mrs. Pelosi is a Democrat rather than a Republican, and she is staunchly pro-abortion contrary to the teachings of the Church. Hence the Holy Father’s rebuke when she went to visit him this week, and hence this discussion involving a leading Democrat as opposed to a leading Republican.

    “what is our current position on war and torture?”

    On war, see CCC 2307-2317 — not an instrinsic moral evil, but to be avoided because of the evils it brings. On torture, see CCC 2297 — contrary to respect for the human person and for human dignity.

    “Are the children who die from tank shells somehow less relevant than those who die from abortion?”

    Catholic moral theology makes important distinctions. There’s a big difference between children being killed unintentionally and intentionally. Abortion is the intentional killing of children, whereas children might be killed either intentionally or unintentionally in a war. Depending on the circumstances, a Catholic political leader may support a particular war, but she may never support making or keeping abortion legal.

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