The economy and religious investors

The Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, which announced last week that it intends to judge publicly traded corporations in part now on how environmentally friendly they are, has — like many organizations and companies — a descriptive  paragraph about it and its work in its press releases.

ICCR describes itself as “a coalition of nearly 300 faith-based institutional investors representing over $100 billion in invested capital.” That was the same wording, including the dollar figure, that ICCR used last year before the financial markets had their meltdown. So, does the center’s investment team know something the rest of the market players don’t?

“We’ve not taken a census of our members. Faith-based institutions have not been required to report” their holdings, said Leslie Lowe, director of  ICCR’s “Energy and the Environment” program.

“We’re having our annual meeting in June,” Lowe added. “Maybe we’ll ask that question (then).”

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