Turning to prayer, optimism in tough times

As the country continues reeling from the current economic tailspin, some people are surprisingly seeing a silver lining, according to a Feb. 5 story in The Dialog, diocesan newspaper of Wilmington, Del. (Click here for the .pdf version of the Feb. 5 edition and go to Page 2.)

Here is a sampling of their optimism: “There are a lot of people in a lot worse position than I am right now,” said Bill Evaristo after being laid off from the factory where he had worked for 37 years in Seaford, Del.

“Everything happens for a reason; I’ve always believed that,” said J.D. Belmonte, who lost his job as general manager of a Dodge dealership in Elkton, Md., when the dealership closed last year.

Elizabeth White of  Dover, Del., who lost her seasonal position as a social worker, is a little more grim about the economic realities. She said her newly-purchased home is now in jeopardy and the bills seem to “come around sooner than they used to.”

Although she prays daily and has friends lighting candles and praying for her, she also thinks she has “nearly exhausted” her resources.

Francis “Frank” Jackowski, an out-of-work accountant, said he has also been praying, but he admits it’s not always pretty. These days, he pointed out,  “God hears some very salty language.”

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