“A botched abortion in mother’s own words”

You’ve perhaps heard this week of the case of the Florida teen who sought a late-term abortion, but a live baby girl was born at the abortion clinic. The baby then was placed in a plastic biohazard bag and thrown out.

The Florida Catholic interviewed the woman, now 21 (the incident was in 2006). Sycloria Williams shared her experience with the paper, she says, because people “need to know.” You can read the story here.

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4 Responses to “A botched abortion in mother’s own words”

  1. ronny says:

    People are deceived by the evil one.Only to find out
    that it was all a lie. This is classic abortion behavior.
    They are darken minds. The abortion people love
    to kill by black brothers and sisters. The numbers
    are astounding,they kill without regard. But black
    seems to to be the color they favor.. I will pray for this
    young lady. The daughter she has lost a citazan of
    the U.S.. If we only had giving a chance to this child.
    the real victim is the country that loser by its own hands
    its own seed. I shall commend this soul to a loving
    GOD. Please change the heart of this nation.. And
    watch out over this young lady.

  2. Freddy says:

    If people use Our Lady of Guadalupe’s banner to parade three times around each abortion clinic – she promised this would help close their awful doors within one year!

    Also – if they parade her banner and Our Lady of Nations banner around their living areas, in each country, then she promised them safety under her protective mantle…

    Why or why are we NOT doing this? We need to send out copies of the banners and make posters for every troubled region in the world and see her and God’s miracles!

    -A child in Jesus Christ

  3. angela says:

    Sycloria Williams is such a beautiful woman and it saddens me that she would have to go through such a terrible experience. Yes her little Shanice was truly a human being, and deserved to be treated better. May God hold her in his hand until she is reunited with her family!

  4. Daniel says:

    Thank you for reading this story. I hope Ms. Williams gets all the positive support she needs. There are more women out there contending with post-abortion issues that have not spoken up or sought help.
    Just as prior to their abortion, they feel alone/abandoned with their decision.
    Women who have had abortions and women who are contemplating that option need to know, understand, and seek the help that exists.
    Forward the article to as many people as you can so that awareness and education on this topic cannot go unnoticed.

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