Bishop’s homily for King observance posted on Facebook

(From Arkansas Catholic)

(From Arkansas Catholic)

Every child needs heroes, and as any of you who have ever heard my vocation story knows, one of my greatest heroes is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whom I regard as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived.

That’s how Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Ark., began his homily Saturday for a celebration in Little Rock of the civil rights leader’s birthday and national holiday. As we noted here last month, Bishop Taylor, ordained to the episcopacy only last June, is also an active member of the Facebook community. (Others have formed a Facebook fan club for him, too). Like many other homilies he’s posted since he joined Facebook, he posted the text of this homily on his Facebook page, in case you want to check it out (but you’ll need to be a Facebook member to see it).

UPDATE: He now also has his homily for Sunday’s Right to Life Mass in Little Rock posted on his Facebook page as well.

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