Single-sex Catholic schools making a comeback?

That’s a topic Our Sunday Visitor explores in an edition just in time for the annual observance of Catholic Schools Week. You can read the whole story here.

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One Response to Single-sex Catholic schools making a comeback?

  1. Arturo Del Campo says:

    January 14, 2009 Apple Valley, Ca.

    Dear Sirs,

    It is with great sadness and regret that we inform you of the decision of San Bernardino’s Diocese Bishop Gerald Barnes and the diocesan Education and Welfare Board to close St. Mary’s Regional Catholic School effective June 30.

    This decision is the unfortunate culmination of the great difficulties that the school has had in recent years to maintain a level of enrollment needed to be “financially self-sufficient”. Parents, the faculty and staff have been well aware of the challenging situation and have had raise funds over the years in the attempt of keeping the school afloat. The faculty and administration have inform to us, the parents, that the Diocese of San Bernardino has chosen in the past to subsidize the school so that it could remain open, causing a negative effect in the financial viability of the diocese true the past years and in the current economic climate subsidization is no longer possible.

    As many of the High Desert Residents know, St. Mary’s has been a pillar of the education in our desert communities for more than 50 years been the only Catholic School in a hundred mile radius and surrounded for no less than nine parishes.

    It is sad, disappointing and frustrating that because of deficient funds an Institution with so much history and significance like St. Mary’s School is going away. Our communities are in need of Catholic education; the continuation of this great vocation is essential for the spiritual growth and sustention of our kids in the Catholic faith.

    It is in these times of challenge, when is of significance to have the sensibility to prioritize. I firmly believe that children education is essential in the achievement of the Catholic Church mission.

    As a parent, I am inquiring for help. I found hard to accept as true that there is no alternative to keep the School open to continue with its great mission. If the factual cause for the Bishop’s decision of closing the school is the deficiency of money, perhaps an individual, an order or institution in or outside the Church wish to approach to the fore of helping our school.

    Best regards.

    Arturo Del Campo.

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