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Letter from Jerusalem: Staying safe in an all-out war

JERUSALEM — “Please don’t go down south. It is not safe there,” my friend in Gaza urged me when I called him to say I would be joining an organized press tour of the Israeli border with Gaza. The irony … Continue reading

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Lent is just around the corner

With the Christmas season almost over, it’s time to start thinking about Lent. Yes, time flies.

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Let the stars shine!

VATICAN CITY — The International Year of Astronomy 2009 has obviously started out with a big bang — even here in the Vatican. You can read here some of the events the Vatican has planned for the yearlong, star-studded celebrations. Vatican astronomer U.S. … Continue reading

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“Benjamin Button” pro-life and pro-death, but in a good way?

I’ve been catching up on movies lately. Mostly I’ve been renting films that I missed last year (“The Visitor,” “Dark Knight,” “In the Valley of Elah” — all definitely worth the rental, though a bit depressing to watch in close sequence). … Continue reading

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Order of Canada medal: high honor that not all accept

Two Canadian nuns who work in health care and the pro-life founder of Canada’s Reform Party were among people honored last month with the Order of Canada medal, the nation’s highest civilian honor. The Western Catholic Reporter in Edmonton, Alberta, … Continue reading

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