Bishop of Salt Lake City calls for immigration reforms

The emotional issue of immigration reform may have stalled in the U.S. Congress, but the chairman of the U.S. bishops’ migration committee, speaking to a group in his home Diocese of Salt Lake City, believes lawmakers are destined to deal with the topic sooner rather than later.

The Intermountain Catholic, newspaper of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, covered the talk by Bishop John C. Wester. In its story, headlined “Understanding will come from immigrants’ stories,” the paper provides coverage of  the bishop discussing some of the myths about illegal immigrants.

Bishop Wester also talked about the need for reform and about the courage lawmakers will have to muster to tackle such a politically unpopular issue.

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One Response to Bishop of Salt Lake City calls for immigration reforms

  1. Sabrina says:

    Bravo for Bishop Wester and the bishops and cardinals who keep reminding us that comprehensive immigration reform hasn’t been enacted federally — and that more and more states are reacting by enabling punitive local measures to stand….

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