Vatican Nativity scene unveiled

The Vatican's Nativity scene at dusk on Christmas Eve. (CNS photo by John Thavis.)

The Vatican's Nativity scene at dusk on Christmas Eve. (CNS photo by John Thavis.)

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican unveiled its Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square at dusk on Christmas Eve. Workmen dropped a white curtain, and a few hundred camera flashes went off as a Vatican police band played. The scene changes a bit each year, and this one featured smaller home settings alongside Jesus’ manger in Bethlehem. A fountain and a hearth represented regeneration and light.

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3 Responses to Vatican Nativity scene unveiled

  1. Athelstan says:

    The statue of the BVM is fine, but the whole sanctuary is beginning to look like an antique shop. There is too much on stage. The creche, the statue, the flowers, huge candles, the movable throne. What’s next?

    The wooden pulpit in St. Peter’s needs to go. It is ugly and inferior. Why not a grand ambo with several levels and a balustrade from which to chant the gospel.

    Placing the pope’s throne to the left makes more sense than crowding him in with all the plants and other celebrants on a throne that has to be removed. Is this a stage setting where the congregation waits so the hands remove the furniture. If so, maybe it is time to go back to drawing veils before the sanctuary for certain part sof the liturgy.
    Why does the pope’s chasuable look third rate compared to those of the deacons? These papal liturgies are beginning to represent the worst of the novus ordo masses in the U.S.A. A surprise a minute and usually an unpleasant one at that.
    Looks like we’ll have to start using Anglican models for how to do the Roman mass properly, or simply switch to the Greek Orthodox Church. You can’t rely on the Vatican to do anything right today with it’s penchant for cheap theatricality and loads of kitsch.

  2. J. T. "Tom" Edelen Sr. says:

    Why do we display the Nativity Scenes in luxury and plush? Was not the birth in a borrowed stall in a stable?

  3. Mamma G says:

    Another giant waste of money from the Catholic church. Actual human people are homeless, but you’ve got plenty of money for this piece of crap and you put your pope in a castle. Sickening.

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