Black Catholics and the Obama victory

No matter what one’s political leanings, it’s hard to deny the historic nature of an African-American being elected president of the United States. We explored the mixed views of black Catholics toward a pro-choice African-American candidate in a story two months ago, and some of our client newspapers did the same.

Now, Our Sunday Visitor contributes its own reporting on this double-edged question in a story by former OSV editor Gerald Korson. He found extreme pride in the black Catholic community tempered by Obama’s views on the politics of abortion.

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4 Responses to Black Catholics and the Obama victory

  1. Kevin says:

    I do think it is great that we have a black president elect. I can understand the pride of black catholics at this most historic moment, just as I can understand the pride of ethnic Autrians in Germany when Hitler was elected Chancellor.
    So what if Obama has never met a fetus he does not want to see chopped into little pieces, so what if he finds our constitution a deeply flawed document, and so what if he may not even qualify constitutionally for the office for which he presented himself and to which these fools elected him?
    Hitler was just a bit outside the mainstream on some issues also, but see how famous he is!

    Be careful what you have asked for, boys and girls; if you think President Bush is responsible for too many deaths, just wait till you see the destructive power of the US government when your man reverses the Mexico City protocol and signs on to the various universal rights and healthcare accords that Bush’s pro-life stance has thus far prevented us from joining.
    A pox on all your houses!

  2. Jbrd says:

    Please, someone inform me. I think the abortion topic is beating a dead horse federally speaking due to the fact that trying to undo Rowe vs Wade will be seen as “unconstitutional” thus almost impossible anyways. It’s like trying to undo the Dredscott case that “give us black folks 100 percent human status”. Don’t you think that if we undo one it risk undoing the other?
    Besides, all the Republican Presidents was for Pro life and didn’t do a thing about it!!! Why? Because they can’t ! What’s the point on wo rrying about issues that are really detractions.

    Please enlightened me on how we as Catholics can really fight abortion within our country. Because obviously not voting for a President that does or doesn’t uphold it really matters.

  3. Jim Orr says:

    JBrd –

    Republican Presidents did appoint judges that have made judical decisions that would indicate they would overturn R v W if such a case came before them. A couple of their appointments were disappointing on this issue but those appointments were made only because of the Democrats attacking any nominee that they suspected of beinging “prolife” and rejecting their nomination in the Senate Judiciary Committee with the overwhelming majority of Democrats voting against their appointment to the Supreme Court.

    All Democrat appointments to the court are solid R v. W supporters who Republicans even supported because Republicans weren’t as bigotted as the Democrats concerning the nominees’ suspected viewpoints in this area. In otherwords, Republicans were more respectful of the decency of the nomonees and were not going to block their appointment on just this issue when they were qualified to sit on tthe court.

  4. Reginald Jefferson says:

    The Republicans after Abe Lincoln’s assasination have slowly evolved into the anti-BLACK political party. FDR and Truman worked for racial progress in their administrations. JFK and LBJ were genuine civil rights heros at a time in which Republicans opposed equal treatment and developed the Nixon Southern strategy of appealing to southern whites by opposing integration and equal opportunity for blacks. Carter and Clinton were southern Democrats who cared about our community. While I disagree with Obama on abortion, I agree with him on most other issues so I along with 95% of black Catholics and 55% of white Catholics voted for him. The Democrats remain the only party that champions social justice and the lessons Jesus gave us. Republicans are those who slept through readings of the books of the New Testament .

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