Another voice weighs in on FOCA

Last week we had a blog item and a news story on the chances — or lack thereof — that the next Congress would approve, and President-elect Obama would sign, the proposed Freedom of Choice Act, which would further loosen restrictions on abortion in the United States.

Today, veteran Catholic journalist and Washington observer Russell Shaw posted his own take on the blog site of Our Sunday Visitor. Shaw’s bottom line: dangerous bills must be vigorously opposed.

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2 Responses to Another voice weighs in on FOCA

  1. Jim Schwarz says:

    Even more important is that Catholics act to take ownership in a culture of life. Once we claim that ownership we have the beginning of making politicians accountable. What I have observed is Right to Life taking a back seat to Social Justice. Lets see if those people who voted for Obama on social justice issues are now willing to speak just as strongly to support a culture of life.

  2. Holly says:

    FOCA if what I have been reading is a total threat to Pro-life in general and in the future definitely needs to be opposed now and in the future.

    The question I want to ask is why is it so rabidly important to protect Roe vs. Wade.

    Was Norma McKelvy I think is Jane Roe’s name–a pawn all along or was a very serious threat put into play before anyone could concede the awful futuristic consequences. Yes, protect life but I still say this is bigger than just life this is a threat to the human race as a whole.

    We cannot afford to loose very important people. Yes, we need to improve pre-natal care and also our people need to be more mature in their sexual choices.

    Thats why we have Theology of the Body, Jason Everett and Mr. West etc. The kids should be paying attention to what Mother Teresa taught to and others.

    If its the over-population scam then this also has to be well thought out as well. Were slowly becoming hardened about a lot of major categories today.

    Its a “big picture” and we have to vigilante of this.

    So make sure for Christmas everyone puts a little aside $1.00 or 5.00 and send it into Priests for Life.
    Only what you can afford. This is my Christmas present to myself to give a little cash and cheer to Father Frank and the Peoples at Priest for Life.

    I know its hard times but maybe we can make a tiny sacrifice. Maybe we dont go to Duncan donuts for a couple of weeks. Or one week tops. Or how about we brown bag it and send the equivalent into the brothers and sisters for life.

    Love to all
    and a Very Merry Christmas.

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