Most-viewed CNS stories for November

Would it surprise you that the majority of our most-viewed stories for November on our public Web site,, were on the results of the presidential election? No, I didn’t think so.

1. Obama phones pope to thank him for congratulatory message (Nov. 12)

2. Pope sends congratulatory message to Obama (Nov. 5)

3. Bishops cite abortion deregulation fears in postelection statement (Nov. 12)

4. Vatican newspaper: Biblical illiteracy can lead to easy manipulation (Oct. 30)

5. Priest’s remarks on Obama voters said not to reflect church teaching (Nov. 14)

6. Obama more forthright about religion than McCain, Knights leader says (Nov. 7)

7. FOCA’s effects seen as dire, but chance of it passing considered slim (Nov. 26)

8. Bishop backlog: ‘Ad limina’ visits no longer occur every five years (Nov. 14)

9. Despite Vatican warning, Father Bourgeois firm on women’s ordination (Nov. 13)

10. Bishops’ conference opens with nod to historic presidential election (Nov. 10)

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