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Liveblog: U.S. bishops’ Monday morning session

(UPDATE: For Monday afternoon session, click here.) (If you’ve opened this page mid-session, make sure you refresh your browser often to get the latest updates.) The CNS Blog today launches a grand experiment: liveblogging of the public sessions of the … Continue reading

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CNS Bible Blog: What made Peter squirm?

By Father Scott M. Lewis, SJ Special to Catholic News Service We have all seen the Holy Thursday scene so many times: a few embarrassed-looking parishioners in front of the congregation with their shoes off and an alb-clad priest trying … Continue reading

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Bishops and the Catholic electorate: One more view

The debate likely will never end over whether the U.S. bishops had any influence on Catholic voters in last week’s presidential election.  We’ve had several pieces, such as here, here and here, on the issue as well as links to … Continue reading

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Obama’s strength in ‘Catholic’ states

President-elect Barack Obama won 13 of the nation’s 15 most populous states in the Nov. 4 election. That placed California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts and Indiana in the Obama column, … Continue reading

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CNS Bible Blog: Signs of the Messianic age

By Father Scott M. Lewis, SJ Special to Catholic News Service The miracle at Cana is of a rather strange variety. No healing or exorcism is involved, no one is raised from the dead and no sins are forgiven. It … Continue reading

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Smoky stoves and global solidarity

A visit to their sister parish in San Marcos, Guatemala, led parishioners at St. John the Baptist Parish in Covington, Wash., to a new understanding about the realities of life in their sister community. An article by Terry McGuire in The Catholic Northwest … Continue reading

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Vatican document on use of psychological testing in seminaries available in Origins

A week ago the Vatican released the long-awaited document called “Guidelines for the Use of Psychology in the Admission and Formation of Candidates for the Priesthood.” (We had coverage of it here and here.) The full text was difficult to … Continue reading

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