More digital ink on the proposed Freedom of Choice Act

Lots of digital ink has been spilled this week over the Freedom of Choice Act, which was a major concern of the U.S. bishops at their fall general meeting earlier this month. Among those weighing in were CNS clients like the National Catholic Register (here and here) and the National Catholic Reporter (here), plus other Catholic and secular sites (here, here, and here).

We have our own ink spill today with this backgrounder and analysis, FOCA’s effects seen as dire, but chance of it passing considered slim, which includes comments from people on several sides of the issue.

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2 Responses to More digital ink on the proposed Freedom of Choice Act

  1. Jim Schwarz says:

    Your minimizing the threat of FOCA passing has 4 negative effects: 1. It discourages examining who sponsors and supports FOCA. 3.It discourages the confrontation of supporters and sponsors of FOCA starting with President elect Obama.3 It diminishes the chance that Catholics will take ownership in of a Culture of Life by doing 1 and 2. 4. It, by default,tells Catholics they can go back to sleep on right to life issues.

  2. BRYAN OBERG says:

    Apathy is difficult to diminish in America. Once we have any momentum whatsoever established or in progress on prolife issues, or we have Catholics even remotely interested in this crucial threat to our society, we need to keep it going, not placate it with predictions of nonaction on FOCA.

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