The cost of living in eastern Kentucky

Sister Ann Marie Quinn, an Oldenburg Franciscan sister who bases her ministry out of Good Shepherd Parish’s rectory in Campton, Ky., notes that she gets her share of people who come to the door of the rectory in eastern Kentucky looking for money for gasoline.

Distances between points are great in Kentucky, and even though the price of gas is generally cheaper than in many metropolitan areas along the East Coast, the wage paid to a Kentucky worker — provided one has a job — is generally less.

Sister Ann Marie takes people to the Marathon gas station across the street from Good Shepherd. Not only is it convenient to the church, the price is the lowest in town (it was $2.08 — and nine-tenths — a gallon on Nov. 11).

She recalled when one woman came to the door looking for money for gas for her well-aged vehicle, and Sister Ann Marie went with her to the Marathon station. “How much does it take to fill up your tank,” the sister asked. The reply startled her: “I don’t know,” said the woman. “I’ve never been able to fill it up before.”

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