Catholic Channel now available on XM receivers

This year’s merger of XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio was accomplished in part to achieve efficiencies of scale for the United States’ two satellite radio firms.

Some of those efficiencies were achieved Nov. 11 when some programming content exclusive to one service became available on the other service.

The Catholic Channel, which is programmed by the Archdiocese of New York and was launched by the archdicoese and Sirius in 2006, is now available on XM Channel 117. It’s still available to Sirius subscribers on Channel 159, right next to EWTN at Channel 160.

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25 Responses to Catholic Channel now available on XM receivers

  1. Glenn D. Faini says:

    The so-called “Catholic” Channel is an embarrassment to faithful Catholics. They criticize the Magisterium and voice heretical or secular viewpoints. Their byline “not what you expect” is true if you expect Catholic radio. If you want Catholic radio, listen to EWTN.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m a regular listener of The Catholic Channel, and they have never criticized the Magisterium or voiced heretical viewpoints. You are just wrong.

    If they were in fact heretical, why would Pope Benedict XVI have recorded a blessing for the channel when he was in America? He’s never recorded such a thing for EWTN.

    Sorry to be rude, but you’re wrong. You are an embarrassment not just to Catholics, but to human beings.

  3. Marc Aupiais says:

    Good, glad for higher visibility is other nations of the Faith!

  4. Marty says:

    Glenn, there is a sin a bearing false witness.

    While it is true that EWTN is different from The Catholic Channel, both channels are here to serve and glorify the Church.

    We have lost at least two genrations in the Church. The Catholic Channel may not be your type of talk radio but it is funny , entertaining and educational. The programs reach a younger audience that may not be ready for a Fr. Corapi, yet.

    I also enjoy EWTN and learn and grow form the work that Mother has given us. I am blessed to have both Channels on radio system.

    Please refrain from calling the people that work on this wonderful channel including the Cardinal, heretical. They are not.Never do they criticize the magisterium.

    I suggest people listen to the programs on XM 117 and Sirius 159. It’s “Not what you would expect” Listen laugh and be blessed.

  5. Rev Val Zdilla says:

    Love the “Catholic Channel” A nice alternative to EWTN. Both stations have something to offer. Catholic Channel offers somethng different.

  6. Shea says:


    I really appreciate your comments Marty. Often times people come away with the idea that channels are in competition. Not so, all serve the mission of the Church to spread the Good News.

    I watch CatholicTV on via their website. It’s great family entertainment and information on Church matters.Kids love the quiz game show, WOW. I also watch Etwn and know that both channels support my faith life.

    Thanks! Shea

  7. Alexander K says:

    I am waiting for them to be added in World Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio are not available for purchase in my town.

  8. Julia says:

    I love the Catholic Channel! Lino’s show specifically is absolutely hilarious and has really brought me back to practicing my faith. In fact, I’m much more interested in learning about the faith that I found this website in the first place. 🙂

    And I think its wonderful that The Catholic Channel is now on XM! I’ve got lots of friends who are fallen away Catholics, and now I can tell them to listen in. I could never tell any friends to listen to ewtn and their holier than thou attitude. But the Catholic Channel is such a great way to learn about the Faith, in a normal, relatable way. I think many, many people will be brought back to the Faith thanks to this move.

    God bless the Catholic Channel!!

  9. dustin Faber says:

    Glenn, I’m sorry you have such negative views on The Catholic Channel. Keep listening and I’m sure that you will come to appreciate the work it is doing for the Archdiocese of New York (the ones who operate the station), and the church as a whole, even if it doesn’t match your personal tastes. As far as Catholics being embarrassed by the station, well, I wouldn’t be one of those Catholics if it wasn’t for The Catholic Channel…they answered so many questions about the faith, and I give Busted Halo and The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli so much credit for helping me with my faith journey and beginning the conversion process through RCIA.

    They aren’t an embarassment: they helped save my soul. God bless you Glenn, and I hope you see the error of your thinking.

  10. Dan Sealana says:

    “The so-called “Catholic” Channel is an embarrassment to faithful Catholics. They criticize the Magisterium and voice heretical or secular viewpoints. ”

    Please provide ONE example of the Catholic Channel criticizing church teachings or promoting heretical viewpoints. I’ve been listening to the channel since day one (literally) and have never heard such things. You are simply wrong, Glenn.

  11. Christine says:

    I also listen to both. I think EWTN does a better job of conveying the true teaching of the Catholic Church, and The Catholic Channel does a better job of conveying living as a Catholc in today’s world. Although the Catholic Channel seems to be somewhat more liberal, I woul certainly not call them heretical. EWTN is definitely the more orthodox of the two.

  12. Marty says:

    Both are Orthodox.

  13. Dan says:

    Christine, please provide an example of “liberal” or less-than-orthodox views promoted by The Catholic Channel.

  14. Dymphna says:

    I listen to both The Catholic Channel and EWTN. Both serve a purpose in the greater scheme of things. Both are great stations. If you are new to The Catholic Channel, I would recommend trying it out.

  15. Mrome03 says:

    I’ll give the most obvious example of how the Catholic Channel is more liberal and less orthodox: The most evident is the fact that most of prominent daytime programming (Lino , Busted Halo, Catholics Next Door) seems to focus more on the hosts’ wacky stories and lame jokes (Lino talking about his HDTV or spring break girls) and less on conveying the Truth and teaching of the Catholic Church. Just because they throw in a Catholic buzzword at the end of their anicdote doesn’t make it meaningful. TCC will do well to take from EWTN’s approach to basing programming upon “meat and potatoes” of the faith (Fr. Corapi, Fr. Mitch, Mother Angelica, Catholic Answers Live, Raymond Arroyo, etc.). Catholic Radio should not have to be made “funny” to touch the hearts of believers. Just listen to 1 hr. of Father Corapi and you’ll know what I mean.

  16. Meg says:

    The Catholic Channel provides a broad spectrum of radio entertainment and enlightenment. “The Cathloic Guy” allows us to peek in on a wonderful regular cathlolic guy trying to live his Cathloic faith in a really crazy world. And he’s good at radio. He may not be for everyone, but he’s certainly for this Cathloic.

  17. Mark says:

    Mromeo3, so telling wacky stories and lame jokes makes one less orthodox. And talking about life lived within the context of the Truth and teaching of the Catholic Church makes one less orthodox. I’m just amazed by some people’s judgments. EWTN serves its purpose and so does The Catholic Channel. Catholics are allowed to laugh, unless there’s something I’ve missed in the Catechism or Code of Canon Law. As far as credentials, Lino has a theology degree, Fr. Dave is a solid Paulist priest and Greg and Jennifer Willits are founders of the Rosary Army apostolate; those sound like orthodox credentials to me. But the proof to me is in the listening. I haven’t heard anything out of bounds with the teaching. And yes, there is teaching in the humor. The Catholic Channel and EWTN programs make me think about my faith — with humor and with “meat and potatoes.” I think Our Lady is proud to have both The Catholic Channel and EWTN on the air. That’s why people are turning closer to her Son, Jesus.

  18. dustin Faber says:

    Mrome03, so every waking part of your life is spent in prayer, reading scriptures, 24 hours a day without sleep?

    Basically, you are saying that for something to be considered Catholic is that it must be “faith-based” every waking moment of its existence. By that standard, none of us are truly Catholic, as I am slept for 8 hours, then watched Sportscenter earlier today. I guess I’m not truly Catholic, as I allowed secular things such as sleep and Celtics basketball into my life.

    Yes, Fr. Corapi might not be on this Archdiocese-run station (The Catholic Channel is part of the Church, EWTN is independent of the Church), but since when is being able to laugh not evidence of a channel being strong in the faith? It’s nice to be entertained AND learn about the faith from people who are strong in the faith.

    EWTN (a channel I listened to first) didn’t inspire me to convert to the faith: The Catholic Channel did.

    The Meat and Potatoes of the faith? I believe that would be sharing the faith and the Gospel with others? TCC does just that, and I thank God for them each time I step into my RCIA class. You say it shouldn’t have to be made “funny” to touch the hearts of believers. That in itself is funny: In my case, as well as many other people, being funny is what “reached” us in the first place.

    I’ll correct your statement: Catholic radio should be made funny if that is what it takes to “reach” people. Being funny is not in itself heretical, so why should being funny be considered bad use of Catholic radio? If anything, it broadens the reach of the Church.

    If your personal taste is EWTN, then God bless you for it: It’s nice for the Church to have so many different forms of witnessing. But just because it’s not Mother Angelica or Fr. Corapi doesn’t make it any less Orthodox, despite your stubbornness and mysterious bitterness.

    Maybe you should step back and evaluate why you hold such negative views towards a channel that has touched so many lives, and in the case of mine, helped save my soul.

  19. Mark says:

    Mrome03, please forgive me for the typo I made in your name in the last post.

  20. Shea says:

    Dear Dustin,

    I agree with you that there are such vaid and wonderful expressions of our incredible Catholic faith. I watch CatholicTV on the internet and it represents well my family and faith. Humor, real life situations not just documents but how to live everyday life as a faith-filled Catholic.

    There’s room for all of it – we need the documents and policies but we also need to be able to live out the documents and CatholicTV helps me to do that. Check it out on
    I love the new series on St. Therese and WOW – wow is really like are you smarter than a 3rd grader in the faith!

    Peace, Shea

  21. I have just stated listening to the Catholic Channel via XM radio. I am a theology student through the LIMEX program offered by Loyola-New Orleans. I find both EWTN and the Catholic Channel to be very orthodox although I think the Catholic Channel is more inclusive in its approach. There are times EWTN scares me in its attempts to proclaim support for Vatican II while edeavouring to subvert Vatican II.

  22. Dan Colgan says:

    Folks, I have to agree with Glenn. I found “the catholic channel” just in the past two weeks. I find its programming attrocious with very few exceptions. I listen on my way to work and while I enjoy the journey through the days readings; the banter involving “the water cooler”, and the references to such things as “Smith day” and “wheel of fortune day” and the like is about as informative as any “big john in the morning” shows that every other bo-funk station has. I find this a complete waste of an opportunity to inform Catholics about the faith, take questions, promote the sacraments and peoples understanding of them, clearing up the confusion over what Catholics believe vs Lutherans and other religions. This station takes an apologetic tone when in these discussions looking to appease the 2 day a year catholics that listen to its programming. Folks; the Catholic faith isn’t something to be mocked, or made light of and the importance and profound dignity of its sacraments must be revered. – I suggest the powers that be at the “catholic channel” take a good hard look at the way they are “promoting” the Catholic faith. Until then I’ll keep saying my rosary in the car on my way to and from work instead of listening to it.

  23. Dan Colgan says:

    “If your personal taste is EWTN, then God bless you for it: It’s nice for the Church to have so many different forms of witnessing. But just because it’s not Mother Angelica or Fr. Corapi doesn’t make it any less Orthodox, despite your stubbornness and mysterious bitterness.

    Maybe you should step back and evaluate why you hold such negative views towards a channel that has touched so many lives, and in the case of mine, helped save my soul.”

    I’d like to point out that many many many “religous” things have come to pass in the 2000 years since Christ was on earth. Its not supposed to be easy or “fun-filled” being a Catholic. Its most definitely not to be made FUN OF which is what Leno Rully does every afternoon. His sarcastic take on the sacraments is borderline at best.

  24. Dan Colgan says:

    since no one identifies the comment “If you taste is EWTN” I will only say that the bitterness comment is out of the blue????? – I’m not the least bit bitter, only confused as to how “the Catholic Channel” can sleep at night producing a show like “Lino Rully” –

  25. Mike says:

    I just stumbled upon this blog and thought I’d make a comment to Dan.

    How can The Catholic Channel sleep at night producing a show like Lino Rulli’s? Probably really well. Almost every day callers credit his show for bringing them back to the Faith, or entering the Faith through RCIA. I listen nearly every day and anyone who takes the time to listen to his show, even if its not their personal preference, cannot argue with results. Its about bringing people to the Truth.

    You, Dan, do not know anything about the Truth. Search your heart. There’s something deeply wrong inside.
    God bless!

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