Are pro football stadiums family-friendly?

I used to think that it was just the Washington Redskins (because I live near Washington) who had a problem with foul-mouthed and inebriated fans creating problems for families who want to attend games without being verbally assaulted. But then I spotted this item in The Catholic Spirit in St. Paul, Minn.

Editor Joe Towalski took his 10-year-old son to last weekend’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers. The headline on Towalski’s column says it all: “Vikings game was memorable for the wrong reasons.” An excerpt:

Here’s what my son said to me in the closing seconds of the third quarter: “I think maybe we should wait until I’m older to come to another game. I’ve never heard so much swearing in one building in my life.”

Earlier this month I read a piece by one of my favorite sports columnists that made several references to the problem here in Washington, but no longer will I think the problem is just because the Redskins have one of the biggest stadiums and most raucous fans in the league.


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