‘Blessed are the poor in spirit and blessed are the provoked’

While the world financial crisis remains with us, for now it has been pushed from the forefront of the news in favor of this week’s historic presidential election.

But over at Provoke Radio, Jesuit Father Stephen Spahn is keeping the economy up front by exploring the spiritual lessons from the still-evolving economic upheaval.

Father Spahn, associate pastor at Holy Trinity Church in Washington, has hosted Provoke Radio since its inception in 2004. Through incisive interviews and compelling storytelling, Father Spahn makes the connection between social justice and contemporary issues of the day.

Each program closes with a catchy reminder that “blessed are the poor in spirit and blessed are the provoked.”

“We know that as thoughtful people there are many issues on our mind and some that should be that aren’t,” Father Spahn said. “We’re also faithful people and we believe on a good day that our faith should inform everything we do. (At Provoke Radio) we try to connect those dots and look at those pressing social issues.”

Sponsored by the Maryland province of the Jesuits, Provoke Radio can be heard on a handful of radio stations around the country, including in Baltimore, San Francisco, Cleveland, St. Louis, Denver, New York, South Orange, N.J., and Fairfield, Conn. Podcasts and archived programs can be accessed around the clock.

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One Response to ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit and blessed are the provoked’

  1. R Jones says:

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit” is I believe a statement one can have wisdom of if one has an illness called “depression”. Or is it that no one was depressed in the days of Christ whilst they witnessed friends being nailed to crosses in public as well as their own children being boiled alive in oil by insane roman emperors? Just a suggestion for those who dont know it all (the very very few)..
    Cheers if you get it.

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