A growing concern for hunger

The country’s economic maladies have been slowly unfolding for quite some time now. Home foreclosures, job losses and gradually growing lines at hunger centers mark such troubled times and have led to an air of uncertainty that has permeated every level of society.

For the poor, the impact always is the harshest. People on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder feel the impact of economic trouble first and the longest. In good times, history has shown it’s not too often that the good fortune of those at the top of the ladder makes it all the way down to the ground.

So today, when those who are well off begin to feel the pinch, it’s going to be toughest for those without a job or a home. And now, The Dialog, newspaper of the Diocese of Wilmington, Del., reports that the poorest are facing even greater challenges: not enough food.

Citing fast growing needs, one Wilmington parish, Christ Our King, recently had to turn away some families from its Kevin Sullivan Food Pantry because the cupboards ran bare. And that’s before the holidays set in and the busy winter season begins.

Hunger centers across the country are reporting decreased donations and greater demand as well. Christ Our King’s expience may portend a far deeper crisis ahead.

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  1. maryspaul says:

    This is truly a very huge problem in our world today especially in 3rd world countries. I suppose the message of this short poem can give us an idea how in our own little ways we can help this situation of our hungry poor:


    here is also a good reflective presentation:


    The world is not hopeless because there is you… we are here!

    Happy New Year 2009!

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