Climate change to get major Catholic attention in 2009

A cathedral is seen silhouetted against the sunset in St. Petersburg, Russia, as smoke rises in this 2005 file photo. (CNS/Reuters)

A cathedral is seen silhouetted against the sunset in St. Petersburg, Russia, as smoke rises in this 2005 file photo. (CNS/Reuters)

Climate change and the vital importance of protecting God’s creation is going to be the focus of a major campaign opening in 2009 and coordinated through the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change.

The coalition, under executive director Daniel Misleh, is planning to introduce an ambitious effort to reach all of the country’s 19,000 parishes through what is being called the Catholic Climate Covenant: The St. Francis Pledge to Protect Creation and the Poor. The covenant is an extension of efforts to more fully implement the U.S. bishops’ 2001 statement on climate change.

Misleh revealed some of the campaign’s developing plans Oct. 25 in an address to the 39th annual Peace and Justice Awards Dinner of the Commission on Catholic Community Action of the Cleveland Diocese.

The covenant, according to the coalition’s online fall update, will be the campaign’s cornerstone. It will “offer a distinctively Catholic perspective on global climate change.” It will also invite people to “deeper prayer, more learning and sincere action in this time of environmental uncertainty and challenge.”

Specifically, the St. Francis pledge calls Catholic individuals, groups and institutions to a “serious commitment” to five steps of action from personal prayer and reflection to advocacy to policymakers those Catholic principles and priorities related to climate change, especially as they touch the poor and vulnerable.

Plans call for unrolling the campaign during the Easter season, perhaps Earth Day, April 22, Misleh said.

The coalition’s partners are: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Religious Partnership for the Environment, Catholic Relief Services, National Council of Catholic WomenCatholic Health Association of the United States, Catholic Charities USA, National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, Franciscan Action Network, the Carmelite NGO, Leadership Conference of Women Religious and Conference of Major Superiors of Men.

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9 Responses to Climate change to get major Catholic attention in 2009

  1. Frank Woolever says:

    Good effort. Keep us posted at Pax Christi-Syracuse.

  2. Martha Johnston, SFO says:

    Catholic perspective on climate change. Sounds promising.

  3. l garcia says:

    I hope the Catholic Church is not drinking the snake oil of Gore. The social justice usually means Socialism. Climate change and global warning are hoaxes and have been proven so! Why would the Catholic Church be getting warm and fuzzy with the current corrupt president on these issues? It looks like he is trying to destroy our society pretty quickly. Aren’t you supposed to be a moral guiding force? We have a priest who thinks it is OK to be a leader of an ACORN group marching through churches in our country. The Gamaliel Foundation and its affiliates are taking advantage of churches by seeping their leftist, socialistic ideas! I think the Catholics are a mess in this country. I do not know any conservatives that will sit in your churches that sell global warming and socialism through community organizing. What a shame you all have gotten so off track from your spiritual work. I wonder how long it will take for Catholic churches to stand empty like they do in the UK. The UK society is a cesspool. Did they let political partisan issues seep into their churches like the Bishops in the US? WE WILL NOT TITHE TO ANY
    CHURCH THAT HAS ALLOWED PARTISAN POLITICAL ISSUES TO SEEP IN. We hope you might get back on track before you kill the Catholic Churches. NO POLITICS IN THE CHURCHES!

  4. l garcia says:

    Global Warming is the religion of liberals. They have hidden the real agenda of global warming from most people. It is their nice way of presenting socialism because liberals know saying global warming will be accepted, not socialism! What is wrong with the Catholic Church? Get the leftist politics out of your churches or people like us will not tithe or sit in your churches. It is too bad the Catholics have gotten away from their traditional roots. The Christians have sure kept their solid moral, traditional focus. GET THOSE PARTISAN LEFTIST POLITICS OUT OF YOUR CHURCHES OR YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE MORE OF YOUR FLOCK! We want a spiritual message and church doctrine promoted not junk science hidden as socialism. We do not drink the snake oil of Obama.

  5. Scott D. says:

    It is people like I garcia who are the biggest threat to all religions as well as the entire world. I have several problems with his/her posts:1) Global warming has not been proven false in fact the only nation still debating it is the USA, because of the massive moneny spent to delegitimize science fact with pseudoscience by lobby organizations. 2) As christians we are called to be stuarts of the Earth, currently we are devastating it. 3) How is is this pushing socialism on the flock, when it is simply responsible 4) This fear of anything with socialism tagged to it that maintains that the richest nation in the world has the worst record taking care of the poor and disadvantaged which I feel wasone of Jesus’ primary messages. Perhaps I garcia should examine what jesus teaches and if it were said by someone else would he/her call them a “socialist.”

  6. Robert says:

    … We are obligated to be stewards of God’s Creation, and thus are tasked with the responsibility of caring for it to protect our investment in our children and their children. People like I. Garcia have not yet “seen the light”, as the overwhelming consensus of scientists provides clear evidence that climate change is real, it is happening now, we are responsible for much of it, it’s going to be bad, and we’d better start working on it NOW.
    Join us, I. Garcia, and help us change our world!

  7. Geremia says:

    The earth isn’t Catholics’ God; the Trinity is.

  8. J Arsenault says:

    I Garcia seems to be the only person here that can see the forest for the trees. He can see the big picture that the population control folks are the driving force behind this global warming farce. Of coarse we are to be good stewards but there is more behind this than you can imagine.
    Try educating yourself a bit hear both sides of this story.

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