After the synod, how will you use your Bible?

Now that the world Synod of Bishops has said that Catholics should each own — and use — a Bible, what ideas can you give for all of us to accomplish that in our busy lives? Just open and fill out the comments form below. (Comments are moderated for spam, etc., but, if you stay on topic, yours will eventually show up.)

Brother Guy

Brother Guy

P.S.: Hope you’re following our Bible Blog in conjunction with the synod. And if you’re not, make sure you come back here next week. (Though the synod will be over, the Bible Blog will continue.) Our next guest blogger will be Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, who has been associated with the Vatican Observatory since 1993. He’ll write about how stars are mentioned in the Bible and other questions about our universe and God’s creation. Don’t miss it!

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2 Responses to After the synod, how will you use your Bible?

  1. rosemarie guerra says:

    In San Antonio TX, yesterday, at a lecture on the writings of St. Paul the speaker emphasized the danger of fundamentalism (in reading Scripture) as something that all the bishops at the Synod agreed as a danger. In the context of the synod, I wonder what is meant by this. Is it the fundamentalist view of Scripture as Protestant interpret? Or, is it the fear of individualistic interpretation specific to liberal theology?

  2. This is how I read the Bible. I go to the Bishops’ website and read the daily readings, then I click on the reflection for the day and watch the video. Afterwards, I go to Sacred Space website and read and pray and meditate as indicated on the site. If I am unable to do these activities, I use Magnificat Magazine for readings, etc. All of this is most helpful to understand the Bible, especially the video reflections.

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