Evolution vs. Creation — parallel worlds?

ROME — The debate over the origin and development of life and the universe will be coming to Rome early November, but it won’t be taking place in the same hall. Two parallel conferences will be going on in different parts of the city.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences is sponsoring an Oct. 31-Nov. 4 plenary session looking at the “Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and Life.”  Meanwhile, the French organization, “Centre d’Etudes et de Prospective sur la Science” (Center for Studies and Prospective on Science) will be sponsoring its own international gathering of scientists who oppose evolution at Rome’s city hospital, Umberto Policlinico. The U.S.-based Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation is also promoting the latter event.

According to a “Scientific Critique of Evolution” press release, the French association decided to hold its own conference after the pontifical academy “ignored the scientists’ request” to be invited to the Vatican session in order to present arguments against evolution.

It said the scientists emphasize they are not “creationists,” who take a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation. Rather, the French association’s president, Dominque Tassot, says the theory of evolution has no scientific basis and that some scientific studies are showing the Earth may be much younger than widely thought.

Evolutionary theory has been getting lots of play at the Vatican recently and Pope Benedict XVI has often spoken how evolution “exists,” but cannot explain everything nor can it exclude a divine cause.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is hosting another conference next year to mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species.” Since proponents of creationism or intelligent design have not been invited to speak at that event, fierce debate will be unlikely. Though it will be interesting to see if evolution-opponents create another parallel conference to coincide with it.

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  1. Herman Cummings says:

    Setting Creationism & Science Straight

    A different brand of creationism, which creationists and secular science are not familiar with is “Biblical Reality”, which is better known as the “Observations of Moses”.

    This “Old Earth” brand of creationism puts forth the view that combines a seven 24-hr day week of original creation (Exodus 20:11), with a separate “six 12-hr days of revelation” given to Moses (Genesis 1:2 – 2:3). The pseudo discrepancy between the “sixth day” in Genesis chapter one and in chapter two is explained as chapter two being the beginning of modern mankind (Adam & Eve), and chapter one as being an earlier species of prehistoric mankind in an earlier restoration period, more than 60 million years ago.

    Biblical Reality is defined as the “ordained marriage” of Biblical Truth, and Scientific Reality. Think of Biblical Truth as historical, present, or future data (information) that has been given to us by the words written in the Bible, or what we shall call “The Printed Word of God”. It is events which took place in the past, that we may not presently be able to confirm outside of the Bible.

    Scientific Reality is defined as “That which has been discovered and analyzed to be of true historical existence. That which has been observed to be a real occurrence or phenomena, whether or not it can be explained.” For example, the discoveries of the extinctions of life on Earth in what has been determined to be 245 Million BC (dimetrodons) and 65 Million BC (dinosaurs) is accepted as Scientific Reality.

    Biblical Reality teaches that there are no “creation accounts” in Genesis, and that “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”. What is actually being said is “Moses wrote about multiple restorations”. Before the advent of “Biblical Reality”, no faction of creationism could explain both the “first day” of Moses and the “Fourth Day”, all being 24-hr days, without either denying literal interpretation or “redefining” the scriptures.

    The “six days of Moses” in Genesis chapter one are actually six consecutive (12 hour) days in 1598 BC that God revealed to Moses (on Mt. Sinai) from the ancient past. Each day was from the first week of each of seven different geological eras in “biblical order”. The only day of Creation Week which Moses saw was the “Fourth Day”. Creation Week was 168 hours, in 4.6 Billion BC, according to the geologist.

    The worlds of creationism and theology have no idea what the first chapter of Genesis is saying. The seven days in Genesis are too scientific to be understood without proper personal training, and the text is not about Creation Week. Genesis is actually an advanced book of mathematics and science, that conveys the prehistoric history of life on Earth. I call it “the Observations of Moses”. This is the correct opposing view of evolution as should be presented in biology classes. Creationism is not the opposing view to evolution. Creationism would oppose the theory of the “Big Bang”.

    The secular world must begin to realize that most everyone that speaks of creationism do not know the facts, do not understand the Genesis text, and are merely spreading misinformation. There is only one known Genesis expert on Earth, and all the rest are misrepresenting the literal truth of scripture.

    Herman Cummings
    PO Box 1745
    Fortson GA, 31808

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