CNS Bible Blog: Judith, Chapter 8 — Fighting for right

By Uta Sievers
Special to Catholic News Service

I sat down with the Book of Judith and started reading Chapter 8. Following what is often described as an Ignatian method for reading and praying with the Scriptures, I took a step inside the story. (At the end of this post, you will find a video with Jesuit Father James Martin, associate editor of America magazine, giving a step-by-step explanation of Ignatian contemplation.)

Uta Sievers

I am Judith. Sadness has been with me for the last three years and four months. The man I love, my husband, has died unexpectedly. Too soon. I now live in a tent on the rooftop of my house. It’s hot in there. I pray, I fast. My sadness is physical. My clothes are black. They cover my pain. Now I have so much time for myself. Time to spend with God.

I pray, I fast. I ask. I listen. The moment will come. God has planted a forest of fast-growing nurture-trees within me. I have enough energy to explode.

Something in me calls me with a low, gentle voice. I am prepared.

I explode in bursts: first, when the Elders make plans. Oh, the anger! I knew anger could be good thing. It got me into doing my own planning. And then I told them: “You can’t play with God like this! You bet your lives and those of your people on him interfering in the next five days. Are you mad?? God will act when the time has come, and there is no way for us to know when that is. I know you wanted to protect the people from the worst when you told them not to surrender the city but wait for another five days. That was the right direction. No good will come from us surviving in slavery, while the enemy gets to Jerusalem and destroys the temple. Not surrender, but action will save us. I am going to try something…. Just let me do my thing and you’ll see.”

When did I know what to do? Much earlier. On my rooftop. The knowledge flowed through my body day in and day out, through my prayers. It felt very natural. That was then, this is now. I rise, I get angry, I act. God is here.

As I step out of the story, I pray for all those who feel called by a small, gentle voice to stand up for what is right.

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One Response to CNS Bible Blog: Judith, Chapter 8 — Fighting for right

  1. Allie says:

    STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT–exactly-! As my Emmaus Walk experience was clouded in gossip, condemnation, and the ultimate removal of my daughter and me because we exposed, in trust and when asked, the story of how we came to accept Christ. Our story which included a direct demonic attack, ended with the help of my brother and his ministry guiding us up and out of the hell we
    were experiencing. I guess those who heard our story, in judgment, feared we still harbored the very presence of evil and, unbeknownst to us, complained.Out of the blue and not being allowed to defend ourselves,we were told to leave! All we learned those two days was that the term hypocrisy, which people all to often equate with the Christian faith, was in fact the cornerstone of this particular walk. To me that is scarier than any demon!

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