Uncovering secrets of the Holocaust: A story worth being retold

Last year, Judith Sudilovsky, CNS correspondent in Jerusalem, reported on the story of a French priest whose mission has been to uncover the hidden truth of 1.5 million of the Jews murdered during World War II. Since 2001, Father Patrick Desbois and his team of researchers and ballistic experts have found 800 out of an estimated 2,000 mass graves in Ukraine.

His story was so compelling that when Father Desbois came to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, CNS had to tell his story again.

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  1. It is horrific to consider the true magnitude of the Holocaust, and the terror that all the victims have endured. The revelations of Desbois are an essential part of remembering those who were manipulated by Nazi’s and the horrors of bigotry.
    Thank’s for the article.

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