Getting ready for the synod on the Bible

Many Catholics in the pews don’t realize the significance of next month’s world Synod of Bishops in Rome on the Bible. We’ve been giving it extra attention this summer and fall with numerous articles and a new section of our Web site devoted to the synod.

For instance, you can read Rome bureau chief John Thavis’ examination of why Pope Benedict thinks attention to the Bible is “an area he has long considered crucial and in need of revitalization.” Or, you can read a primer from our Faith Alive! religious education series on what a synod of bishops is and how it operates.

This blog also has had several items on the synod already. And, just this morning, bloggers and news agencies around the world are linking to our story from our correspondent in Jerusalem on the Israeli rabbi who says the Vatican invitation to him to participate in the synod is a sign of hope.

Our clients are also examining the importance of the synod. One interesting example of that is the podcast I listened to last evening on my way home from work. Jesuit Father Drew Christensen, editor of the Jesuit magazine America, opened the podcast (you can download it or listen to it here) with one of the best explanations of the synod that I’ve heard so far. Even if you can’t listen to the entire half-hour broadcast, just the first few minutes are worth your while.

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