Canada votes in October, and they’re watching us, too

Did you know that the United States is not the only major North American country having national elections this fall? Canada is, too, and they have many of the same debates we do here over things like how Catholic politicians should vote on the important social justice and life issues of the day. We had a story yesterday (which you can read here) giving a glimpse of how that debate plays out in Canada, where elections will take place Oct. 14.

And where the American bishops have issued a call for “Faithful Citizenship” for U.S. Catholic voters, the Canadian bishops have similar advice for their Catholic citizens in a new “Federal Election 2008 Guide.”

But just because we Americans are largely ignoring the Canadian elections (quick: name for me two of the major Canadian political parties) doesn’t mean that the Canadians are ignoring us. Our good friend Joe Sinasac, publisher and editor of The Catholic Register in Toronto, wrote this yesterday:

We know Canadians love hearing about the American election. Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are just way more interesting than our blancmange politicians up here.

(Note to self: look up “blancmange” on the Internet.)

Joe’s point to his Canadian readers was to plug our new CNS Election 2008 page as a way of getting “a truly Catholic perspective on the U.S. campaign.” Nice guy that he is, he said that CNS had “compiled a truly impressive Web site for its election articles.”

So it’s only fair that we plug his paper’s “Election Canada ’08” page, too. If you’re the least bit curious about how the church in other countries, in the words of the The Catholic Register, “views the duty of Catholic voters and politicians,” make sure you spend some time there.

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