Air travelers make friends with Atlanta deacons

Traveling by air can be easy at times. Or it can be a pain, depending on how late your plane is. Certainly though, it’s rarely pleasurable, given the tight security at airports these days. 

No matter what the situation, Deacons Don Kelsey and Mike Landaiche try to make the travel experience as enjoyable as possible for the 250,000 passengers who pass through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest, each day.

The Georgia Bulletin profiles the two deacons and their ministry in a piece by Andrew Nelson. Photographer Michael Alexander also has developed a digital slide show of the men as they make their rounds of the airport.

From helping moms outnumbered by their children to greeting some of the airport staff who unload planes, assist passengers and transport travelers from one terminal to the next, Deacon Kelsey and Deacon Landaiche perform a worthwhile ministry of comfort and friendship.

The men are two wonderful examples of people working in a public venue bringing Christ’s peace to those they encounter. Thanks, gentlemen.

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