Leaving it all on the field — or in the clubhouse

If sports is indeed like life, then the role of faith in that endeavor can be every bit as prickly a question. The GetReligion blog posted a somewhat lengthy examination of the praying-before-games situation. And please, no quotes from the movie “Bull Durham” about “the church of baseball.”

Update on fallout from California ‘Bodies’ exhibit

Here’s an update on the continuing fallout from the “Bodies” exhibitions that have been on display in Kansas City, Mo., and California as well as other places in the United States. The California Legislature has taken the matter into its own hands with a bill regulating corpse shows, according to this posting from The Catholic Key, newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo.

In Kansas City a “Bodies” exhibit called “Bodies Revealed” is currently on display. The company responsible for that show has a second one touring the U.S., and a rival company put together the show now in California.