Controversy over ‘Bodies’ exhibits continues

In its blog, The Catholic Key, newspaper of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., reports that the controversial “Bodies” exhibits continue to raise eyebrows.

The company that organizes the exhibits of “plastinated bodies” of dead people from China has said that all of the people, in advance of their deaths, had willingly donated their bodies for this purpose, but it was unable to produce the signed consent forms. The Kansas City show, “Bodies Revealed,” ends Sept. 1.

The exhibits feature human bodies in various poses, and include an array of various organs, and there has been spectulation that the bodies on display are those of executed Chinese prisoners.

The company that produced the Kansas City show has a second show making the rounds called “Bodies:The Exhbition.” A third show titled “Body Worlds” that is touring various cities is produced by a rival company.

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