Do you check your e-mail in church?

Fifteen percent of you do, according to the latest “e-mail addiction survey” by AOL Mail. That percentage is up from 12 percent last year. But church is far from the most unusual place where people check their e-mail, according to the survey. Nearly 6 in 10 (59 percent) said they check their e-mail in the bathroom, up from 53 percent last year, while half check it while driving, an increase from 37 percent last year.

Although New York is judged the city most addicted to e-mail, it’s not the place where the highest percentage of residents check their e-mail in church. Houston and Tampa, Fla., are tied for first in that department, at 30 percent each. Seattle is next, at 24 percent, and New York is fourth, at 21 percent. Miami is the city where residents are least likely to check their e-mail in church — only 3 percent do.

A news release on the full survey results is here.

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