New Jersey Catholic hospitals to feel sting of Charity Care cuts

Nine Catholic hospitals in New Jersey must learn how to serve the poor with less money, since there has been a major reduction in state funding for Charity Care at these health care facilities.

New Jersey’s governor signed a budget that reduces Charity Care for indigent patients without health insurance by $111 million.

“Health care access for the poor and vulnerable, especially inner-city residents, will be threatened as financially distressed hospitals are further weakened” by the cuts, said Father Joseph Kukura, a Newark, N.J., archdiocesan priest who is president of the Princeton-based Catholic HealthCare Partnership of New Jersey.

More details about this issue are available in the July 16 edition of The Catholic Advocate, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J.

Catholic Biblical Federation makes China a priority

Amid continued unsubstantiated rumors about lack of Bibles in China, a commentary by the Asian church news agency UCA News sheds some light on the use of the Bible on the mainland. The commentary by Cecilia Chui, Northeast Asia subregional coordinator for the Catholic Biblical Federation, speaks of how the federation, at its recent meeting in Tanzania, made biblical pastoral ministry in mainland China a priority.

“To continue developing the biblical pastoral ministry in China, we have an idea to form a network to associate mainland Chinese who have undertaken biblical studies abroad,” she says. Read her commentary here.