Caught between food and fuel

As the price of gasoline and groceries continues to soar, social agencies are feeling the pinch more and more acutely. CNS reported on this back in May when gas was a mere $3.50 a gallon, unlike the current average national rate of $4.11 for a gallon of regular unleaded, according to a July 16 report from the motorist advocacy group AAA.

 The Leaven, archdiocesan newspaper of Kansas City, Kan., focuses on the high price of food and gas in its July 4 issue. The story points out that many families are now forced them to “make a terrible choice: food or fuel?” Local Catholic Charities agencies, it says, are seeing more people — especially those who have never been to food pantries before — come through their doors seeking help, as they struggle to make ends meet.

The surge comes at a bad time. In the summer, food pantries typically experience a decrease in donations and students are not in school to receive free lunches.

People need to step up to the plate and help, said a spokeswoman for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, urging people to volunteer at local service agencies, donate to food pantries or conduct food drives.

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