Also blogging from WYD

Bill Howard, editor of the Colorado Catholic Herald in Colorado Springs, is in Sydney blogging away and writing news stories (like this) on World Youth Day. (We missed him in our previous posts here and here about Catholic press coverage and blogs on WYD.)

It’s quite the robust blog, with plenty of entries on activities of the Colorado Springs delegation to WYD. Bill notes that what makes the site a tad unique is that the group stopped in Seoul, South Korea, on its way to Sydney, so there are entries about that too (like this one on Korean Catholicism). Another unique thing I found on the blog is this item containing audio links on this morning’s WYD catechesis and Mass homily by Colorado Springs Bishop Michael J. Sheridan.

And if you want a close-up look at the official WYD backpack that’s been showing up all week in various photos from Sydney, check out this post.

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