A woman who knows her Bible

As the world’s bishops gear up for the synod on the Bible in October, stories about how people don’t understand Scripture are inevitable.

As CNS reported earlier this year, not everyone gets the Bible. Although most people in North America and Europe own one, more than half say they don’t understand it.

But not Susanna George, a Korean Catholic woman in Tampa, Fla. As the Florida Catholic reports in its July 4 issue, George’s appreciation for the Bible along with her desire to understand the readings in English, inspired her to spend every night during the last 10 years copying the Bible by hand twice — first in Korean, then in English.

Janet Shelton reports that George’s initial work essentially involved an awkward effort to copy the image of letters. Eventually, the process became easier and George began to recognize words and sounds as she made the translations. One day at an English Mass, the priest read one word that she recognized, which for her made all the work worthwhile.

George finished her project in March and bound the pages into notebooks numbering 2,700 pages. Now that she’s done, she plans to use the 100 minutes a night that she once devoted to Scripture translation to start the process all over again.

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