“Life without Jesus is like a doughnut…”

Doughnuts. They’re more than circular globs of fried, glazed goodness. (Yum, my mouth’s watering just thinking about it.) They’re a witnessing tool for Rob Evans.

Stephen O’Kane highlights Evans, aka the “Donut Man,” in his story Kid Track Lets Little Children Come to Jesus for the The Georgia Bulletin, newspaper of the Atlanta Archdiocese. The Donut Man was a featured performer at Kid Track, an event for children that was part of last month’s eucharistic congress in Atlanta. Evans has been doing evangelical work with children for over 20 years, but only became a Catholic in 2006.

Evans leads the children, and adults, in singalong Bible songs, stories and games. He rewards them with,  yes that’s right,  doughnuts. But Evans’ tasty moniker didn’t come from his fondness for the tasty treats, but because he lives by the profound mantra that “life without Jesus is like a doughnut — you have a big hole in the middle of your heart.” The popular Evans takes his show across the country and has performances booked through April 2009.

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