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Glass half full: Could Holy Land water crisis unify?

JERUSALEM — How many times a day do you flush the toilet? How often do you get your car washed? Do you turn the faucet off when you soap up your hands? For most people in Western countries these things … Continue reading

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More priests staying in shape

In late June, fellow CNS reporter Chaz Muth published a piece taking an in-depth look at the health of Catholic priests. Muth spoke with several priests from around the country who are staying in shape as well as other church … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Olympics … the Jesuit way

The worldwide buzz continues to build for the Beijing Olympics, which will begin Aug. 8. Eyes from around the world will be focused on two American swimmers, Michael Phelps and Natalie Hoff, as they demonstrate their athleticism with world-record-breaking times and … Continue reading

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Refugee Catholics and descendants grateful for freedom

About 6,000 worshippers, most of whom have immigrated to the U.S. West Coast from countries throughout the world, recently made a pilgrimage to Portland, Ore., to participate in a Freedom Mass. Portland Archbishop John G. Vlazny told the refugees and their … Continue reading

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Getting tickets for an audience with the pope

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The Vatican has just made it a bit easier for folks looking to come to Rome to attend one of the pope’s weekly general audiences or liturgical ceremonies. Just a few weeks ago, the Prefecture of the Papal Household … Continue reading

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New Jersey Catholic hospitals to feel sting of Charity Care cuts

Nine Catholic hospitals in New Jersey must learn how to serve the poor with less money, since there has been a major reduction in state funding for Charity Care at these health care facilities. New Jersey’s governor signed a budget … Continue reading

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Catholic Biblical Federation makes China a priority

Amid continued unsubstantiated rumors about lack of Bibles in China, a commentary by the Asian church news agency UCA News sheds some light on the use of the Bible on the mainland. The commentary by Cecilia Chui, Northeast Asia subregional coordinator for … Continue reading

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