More resources for the year of St. Paul

Last week we passed along some resources for marking the year of St. Paul, which opened Saturday. Here are some other items worth your time:

— For a good primer on who St. Paul was and why Pope Benedict is putting the spotlight on him for the next 12 months, read — and link to — CNS Rome Bureau Chief John Thavis’ Vatican Letter last Friday, which reports on how the pope thinks Paul’s life can be a lesson for today’s Christians.

— The Arkansas Catholic in Little Rock has begun publishing a 13-part series of articles by staff members of Little Rock Scripture Study on the year for St. Paul. Here’s a link to the first column. (Publishing clients of CNS should look at an advisory that ran today behind the password wall of our Web site for a special offer about the series.)

— The U.S. bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship has unveiled its own page of resources for the year of St. Paul, with links to papal homilies and other liturgical aspects of the celebration, such as details on celebrating a votive Mass for St. Paul.

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  1. Ian says:

    I thought you might also be interested in the Year of St. Paul section on our website. We are the only on-line Catholic store that has put any focus on this special year and we have compiled articles and dozens of resources for our visitors.

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