Resources for the year of St. Paul

With the year dedicated to St. Paul about to begin in Rome this weekend, several CNS clients have special sections dedicated to the observance. Some examples:

Our Sunday Visitor has a new page with a massive collection of ideas for celebrating the year and numerous links providing additional information on the saint.

St. Anthony Messenger also has a page dedicated to news of the celebration as well as a special offer for parish Webmasters wanting to promote the Pauline year in their local communities.

— The National Catholic Register also has a story on preparations for the Pauline year, but you have to be a subscriber to read it.

Of course, CNS has been preparing its readers for the Pauline year too with stories on the pope’s announcement of the celebration one year ago, on indulgences to be gained for penitential acts during the observance, and on the nine pilgrimage sites in Rome that were being readied for the year.

UPDATE: We posted more resources here.

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  2. Ling says:

    I recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about St Paul take a look at this talk series from Canberra, Australia’s Archbishop Mark Coleridge “Christ Lives in Me” on St Paul at The talk series is available via digital downloads and hardcopy and is accompanied by a PDF Study Guide. Very interesting and a unique take on the great apostle!

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