To see or not to see?

To see or not to see? That is the question many Catholics are asking themselves as the Body Worlds exhibit makes its way across the country and into their area.

There are many arguments being made on both sides. One thing for sure: It is certainly a complicated set of issues.

Here at CNS there have been some stories over the past few years — the first from 2006 and another article from earlier this year.

As the exhibit tours the country, local Catholic papers have been offering their own reactions.

The Catholic Sun of the Diocese of Phoenix had a comprehensive piece looking at the theological aspects of the exhibit.

The National Catholic Reporter also published an article looking at the different reactions by bishops across the U.S. It also discussed the question of where the bodies came from, as there has been much speculation that the bodies used were victims of human right violations in China.

Deacon Greg Kandra, author of “The Deacon’s Bench” blog who works at CBS News in New York, also commented on the exhibit when he saw an article on regarding Body Worlds.

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