Nun helps Holocaust survivor share experience in book

A Holy Names nun in Portland, Ore., has helped a Holocaust survivor publish a book that tells of her early life in Poland, the horrors she endured at a German concentration camp and her lifelong struggle with the memories. Details are in the latest edition of the Catholic Sentinel in Portland.

Writing the book, according to the Sentinel’s story, was a way for the woman to ensure people remember the atrocities of the Holocaust. But she has also turned her experiences over to God to rid herself of the hate.

New media from oldest Catholic paper

As someone studying what is known as convergence journalism, it was great to see this package covering the permanent diaconate ordination put together by The Pilot up in Boston. Many may regard late May to mark the beginning of the “wedding season.” In the Catholic Church it could quite easily be known as the “ordination season.” All across the country men, young and old, have been ordained as bishops and priests and both transitional and permanent deacons.

The package put together by The Pilot not only contained an article covering the event, but also a great slideshow with audio. For every ordination this spring there have been countless articles covering each and every one.

This example in Boston did a great job in bringing some of the best in what the rapidly developing “new media” or “convergence” journalism has to offer to the Catholic press and its readers.

Bibles in China

Do you remember the rumor last fall that Bibles were being banned at the Olympic village this summer in Beijing? We tried batting it down here and here. Well, there was an interesting story over the weekend in the Los Angeles Times headlined “Bibles are big business in China” that sheds further light on the history and practice of religion in this world superpower.