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Eco-friendly E.T.?

VATICAN CITY — Journalists got an interesting freebie at the end of yesterday’s unveiling of the Vatican’s pavilion at this summer’s world Expo on water and sustainable development being held in Zaragoza, Spain. It’s a blue squeaky toy that looks a … Continue reading

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Choosing godparents

Here’s a topic you rarely hear discussed in public — is there a proper way to choose godparents? It’s discussed on the blog site of America magazine. Author Valerie Schultz explores the topic in a brief and engaging way, asking if godparenting is … Continue reading

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Journalist-turned-seminarian reports on papal visit

The impact of Pope Benedict’s visit to the United States is still reverberating around the country. The Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City has posted the personal account of a seminarian — and former staff member — who traveled to … Continue reading

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‘Casey Democrats’ and the fall election

Today’s Washington Post Sunday opinion section has an interesting look at “Casey Democrats,” often blue-collar, often Catholic, Democrats named for the late Pennsylvania former Gov. Robert P. Casey Sr., who made national headlines when he was denied a speaking role … Continue reading

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A German shepherd for Italy

GENOA, Italy — When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, many Italians figured the German pope might pay less attention to them than his predecessor. Pope John Paul II, a Pole, made it a point to reach out pastorally to Italians … Continue reading

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The ambassador’s American connection

VATICAN CITY — When Mordechay Lewy presented his credentials as Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican the other day, he explained to Pope Benedict the reason for the unusual spelling of his last name. Levi, of course, is a common Jewish … Continue reading

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‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ review now posted

The review of “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” by the U.S. bishops’ Office for Film & Broadcasting is now posted in our movie review section. You’ll see that, for rather obvious reasons, the film is classified A-II — adults and … Continue reading

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