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Exploring the role of Catholic media

TORONTO — Many of us Catholic media types are here in Toronto tonight for tomorrow’s opening of the Catholic Media Convention, which brings together the Catholic Press Association of the U.S. and Canada, the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals and … Continue reading

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Historic black parish celebrates anniversary

Here in Washington, St. Augustine Parish celebrated it’s 150th anniversary earlier this month. At first glance this might look like a local story, but it’s really a story that parallels the history of African-American Catholicism in the United States. Details … Continue reading

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Rome’s changing religious landscape

ROME — I stopped in the other day at the Church of the Seven Dolors in Via Garibaldi, a hidden gem tucked into the side of Rome’s Janiculum Hill. Designed by the Baroque architect Francesco Borromini in the mid-1600s, it is flanked … Continue reading

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Reflections for Memorial Day

The Catholic Review in the Archdiocese of Baltimore this week published an exploration of the origins of Memorial Day that may be worth reading this holiday weekend. Also marking the holiday, Cardinal Adam Maida of Detroit issued the following Memorial … Continue reading

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Vatican: Receiving Eucharist kneeling may not be permanent change

Some blogs are noting that, at yesterday’s Corpus Christi Mass in Rome, everyone who received Communion from the pope did so while kneeling and on the tongue rather than in the hand. Here’s, cross-posted from our homepage, is our story … Continue reading

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All the pope’s U.S. texts in one place

If you don’t mind some CNS shameless self-promotion, we think we’ve got a winner here — and it’s in an old-fashioned print publication. I’m talking of course about Origins, our documentary service, which has been selling like, well, hotcakes at … Continue reading

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Full texts of Archbishop Chaput’s columns

Yesterday we reported on the objection by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver to the use of his words on the Web site of Roman Catholics for Obama ’08. Here is a link to the full column as well as … Continue reading

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