Exploring the role of Catholic media

TORONTO — Many of us Catholic media types are here in Toronto tonight for tomorrow’s opening of the Catholic Media Convention, which brings together the Catholic Press Association of the U.S. and Canada, the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals and the Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada. Though some would say that we simply represent old-style, dead-tree ways of doing things, we also consider ourselves vital outlets for reporting both the news and the “Good News.” One of the organizers here, Basilian Father Tom Rosica, recently gave an interview about how the church can deliver its message and the future of Catholic media. And no less an authority that Pope Benedict XVI last week gave some advice for the training of young journalists, which may be a surprise to some readers.

We’ll try blogging from here periodically this week to keep you apprised of what’s being discussed.

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  1. […] director of the Vatican press office and the head of Vatican Radio, spoke this morning at the Catholic Media Convention here on the topic “When the Pope Speaks to the World: Working With Modern Media.”Excerpt’s […]

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