All the pope’s U.S. texts in one place

If you don’t mind some CNS shameless self-promotion, we think we’ve got a winner here — and it’s in an old-fashioned print publication.

I’m talking of course about Origins, our documentary service, which has been selling like, well, hotcakes at a K of C pancake breakfast for the past month since we published an Origins special edition with all the texts of Pope Benedict’s U.S. trip.

Sure, you can get them all for free off the Internet, but then what? Print them yourself? Leave them on your hard drive? Copy them to a flash drive (even though you’ll still need a device to view them)?

Or, for a mere $5, you can purchase this one issue of Origins, then keep it in your briefcase, on your bookshelf or on your desk for ready reference or for small chunks of inspiration, much like you might take 10 minutes to read a particular chapter from the Bible and reflect on its meaning for your life.

Bulk rates are also available: $4.00 each for 2-9 copies; $3.50 each for 10-25 copies; $3.00 each for 26-49 copies; $2.50 each for 50-99 copies; and $2.00 each plus shipping for 100-plus copies (perfect for schools or parish study groups).

This special 36-page edition of Origins includes the full texts of everything on the pope’s itinerary: the welcome ceremony with President Bush; the speeches to the bishops and educators; the address to the U.N.; the homilies of the papal Masses; and much more. (Origins‘ online subscribers can click here for the full contents.)

Copies of this edition of Origins (Vol. 37, No. 46; May 1, 2008) can be purchased online at (look for the blurb on the right and click there or here), or by calling (202) 541-3290.

The Internet is great, and so are old-fashioned print products, but neither is perfect and this is an example where the latter is preferable to the former.

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