Choosing godparents

Here’s a topic you rarely hear discussed in public — is there a proper way to choose godparents? It’s discussed on the blog site of America magazine. Author Valerie Schultz explores the topic in a brief and engaging way, asking if godparenting is merely an honorary title or if it carries spiritual significance. And when you read it, make sure you also read the third comment under Schultz’s original post.

Journalist-turned-seminarian reports on papal visit

The impact of Pope Benedict’s visit to the United States is still reverberating around the country. The Intermountain Catholic in Salt Lake City has posted the personal account of a seminarian — and former staff member — who traveled to New York to represent Mount Angel Seminary in St. Benedict, Ore., at the giant rally April 19 for youths and seminarians. The author, Christopher Gray (click here for our earlier article on him), also came back with a photo (right) that proves he had an excellent spot at the rally.