‘Casey Democrats’ and the fall election

Today’s Washington Post Sunday opinion section has an interesting look at “Casey Democrats,” often blue-collar, often Catholic, Democrats named for the late Pennsylvania former Gov. Robert P. Casey Sr., who made national headlines when he was denied a speaking role at the 1992 Democratic National Convention because he was pro-life. The article’s author is Mark Stricherz, probably better known in the blogosphere as one of the contributing writers for the GetReligion blog on media coverage of religion. (Stricherz often is right on the mark in his GetReligion analyses, such as his post yesterday on how most newspapers ignored religion in their reporting on last week’s legalization of gay marriage by the California Supreme Court, but I have one minor quibble with today’s Post piece: Stricherz at one point in the article refers to the “headquarters of the Westmoreland County archdiocese” when in fact he is writing about the Greensburg Diocese, which includes Westmoreland and three other southwestern Pennsylvania counties.)

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