Dream on

My colleague, CNS international editor Barb Fraze, blogged last month about papal-visit nightmares before the trip. As a stringer covering the New York lap of the visit, I too had a couple of unexpected dreams related to missed press buses.

Now, as a “veteran” of the papal visit, I am happy to report that I did not miss any buses — but I also cannot explain why I am now dreaming about papal events that were added to the itinerary, at least in my dreamscape.

The other night, for example, I dreamed there was “just one more papal appearance at Yankee Stadium” to cover.  As I hustled to report it, it felt a lot like that recurring post-college dream about the chemistry class I don’t find until just before the final exam.   

I sure hope His Holiness is not having bad dreams about being pursued by the press corps! 

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