Escalator to heaven

Like many neighborhoods in our digital age, Brookland, the northeast Washington neighborhood that is home to two major Catholic institutions visited by Pope Benedict XVI — The Catholic University of America and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception — has its own Yahoo listserv. A recurring topic of listserv chat has been the dreadful performance of the escalators taking Metro passengers to and from the tracks at the Brookland-CUA stop.

Then appeared this posting soon after dawn April 18 by neighborhood husband-and-wife activists Philip Blair Jr. and Mary Pat Rowan.  They said:

“Any discussion on the Brookland listserve of the pope should take note of the fact that he is apparently performing miracles here. The escalator at our Metro stop, with papal yellow combs on each tread, is suddenly working, having risen Lazarus-like from a death that lasted months and months.

“Also, the station got cleaned.

“It only takes two miracles to be beatified,” they wrote. However, since it normally takes just one miracle before beatification and one more before canonization, perhaps Pope Benedict will take the express elevator to sainthood.


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